5 Tall Bird Horizontal

$ 650.00

Image size :  approx. 12 x 23 inches   Framed size : 19 1/2 x 31 inches

Paper color : white    Ink color : sepia

choose 5 of the tall skinny birds to put in this horizontal collection

choices : Cardinal&Ginkos, Hummers &Sage, chickadees &milkweed pods, Goldfinches&Thistle, CaroilnaWren&Chicory,RubyCrownedKinglets, CommonYellowthroats, BrownHeadedNuthatches,HairyWoodpeckers, DowneyWoodpeckers.

If you want a different group than the one in the photo ,email or call us with your choices. 336-835-5222   John@johnfurches.com

.framed with floated off white mats and a walnut burl brown frame

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