First Show January 21 2014

First show of the year was Beaux Arts Festival at the University of Miami. Two beautiful days of 72 degree weather! The crowds both day were strong, but sales were better on Sunday. We sold a lot of the new pieces-all three Mermaids & the Swamp Gator-and several of the larger birds. Saturday I even ate my first Fried Gator! Yum! Every morning we were greeted with a tree full of Green Parrots and Parakeets. A little noisy but fun to watch. The Miami campus is beautiful, and one of my favorite features is the canal that runs in front of our booth. For two days I was able to photograph several Green Herons, Cormorants, Gallinules, and American Coots! Sunday I was fortunate to see a semi-rare Spotted Oriole,a beautiful bright orange bird. I saw 4 or 5 Hill Myna birds. This a Very high quality show that I felt very fortunate to be in . I saw many pieces I would like to own! Sunday morning I was surprised with 2nd place in the Graphics & Drawing category . What a great way to start off the new year . This weekend ( Jan 22-26) we will be at the Space Coast Birding Festival in Titusville. Come by if you get a chance.